Choosing a Filter?

Trying to decide on which filter to buy for your pool?

There are three main types of swimming pool filters, D.E. (which stands for Diatomaceous Earth), Sand and Cartridge. Different regions of the country seem to have different preferences; the order of preference for this area would probably be D.E. first, then sand, then cartridge filters. However, the suitability of a filter to a pool can have more to do with size, than with type. Always go at least one size larger than you think you need. Buy the largest filter you can afford, it's money well spent.

Even though it was just stated a preference of D.E. filters over Sand or Cartridge filters, it would be best to large cartridge filter, rather than a small D.E. filter. So remember, in pool filters, size matters! Many filters installed in the 70's and 80's were much too small for the size of pool they filter, and with the deterioration of age are just barely operating. All filters at B&L Pools are good, solid technology. So once again, filter size is more important than brand, name, type, color, etc.


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