Safety tips


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A home swimming pool offers excellent opportunities for fun in the sun with the added benefit of good exercise. But a swimming pool is also a danger zone on your property, especially for children. And if your children's friends come over to play in your pool, even a non-fatal accident could result in an expensive lawsuit against you. To ensure pool safety and good times, keep the following pool safety tips in mind:

Small children should never be left alone without adult supervision in the pool area (in or out of the water). An adult who knows how to swim should always be present, period. Leaving your children alone even for a minute or two could result in a serious accident or death by drowning. Older children should never be left to supervise younger children in the pool area.

Install a four-sided fence to separate the pool from the home and prevent children from getting into the pool without an adult present. This technique has proven to be an effective way to prevent drownings.

Pool fencing should be at least five feet high. Both the fence and gate should have a self closing and self locking mechanism.

Gate latches should be positioned out of a young child's reach. Never leave the gate propped open or disable the latch.

Routinely clear the pool deck and pathways of clutter, toys and other debris to prevent trips and falls.

Children should be enrolled in swimming lessons from a qualified instructor. Most professionals recommend that children age 5 and up should be taught to swim.

All adults should learn and practice basic lifesaving techniques, including CPR and first aid. Babysitters and other people who are entrusted at times with the child's care should also be trained in CPR and first aid.

Rescue equipment should be kept in an accessible area near the pool at all times. A cordless, water-resistant telephone should also be kept in the pool area and emergency phone numbers and CPR instructions should be posted.

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